Tuesday, September 21, 2004

speaking of 'biodegradable' and "returning to the earth"

am i morbid for thinking about my own death? i don't think so, i think everyone does it from time to time in one way or another... usually what i think about is the practical what's the best way to get rid of the body?

there are a number of unorthodox options i've thought up as alternatives to the standard highly preservative burial (where my body would just sit there in a sort of time capsule, barely decaying for decades to come) or the inefficient cremation (where a whole lot of energy is wasted just to turn me into something you can pour into a can)... it would seem i'm not the only person who favours a more natural post-end...


ideally i was thinking something more along the lines of being eaten by wild animals, but i suppose a more conservative approach would be easier to execute...

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