Monday, August 02, 2010

of socks and questions

i just got back from sock shopping at the bay (hudson's bay company) and the experience has brought a number of questions to mind. to wit:
  1. designer sock branding: how is it that socks have become a feasible avenue for perpetuating one's brand? i looked around i found exceptionally few people who actually had socks that were  visible, and their socks were all bunched up above their shoes and so it would have been impossible for designer sock logos to be recognized (if in fact they had been wearing designer socks, which seems unlikely). the only people who are going to see the branding are the ones who wear the socks, and isn't that sort of like preaching to the choir?
  2. tube socks: i clearly missed the day that tube socks died - when was it? i would have liked to know so that i could have observed a moment of mourning. instead the closest i can get are crew socks - like tube socks but with a bend in them where the heel of my foot is supposed to go. let me know who decided that crew socks should replace tube socks so i can show them where the toe of my boot is going to go. why am i paying extra for something i don't even need? i don't need the manufacturers to tell me where my heel is supposed to go in the sock - my feet will take care of that fairly effectively after a day or two of use. and i'm pretty sure i am paying extra because i'm pretty sure that a sock with extra features (the bend) requires something extra to make.
  3. ankle socks: try as i might i could not find tube socks but on every shelf and every rack there were ankle socks. why? since when do men wear ankle socks? are tank tops with bare midriffs showing hairy bellies next? ankle socks have traditionally been a female sock fashion and part of a fashion trend to cover less and show off the flesh. that's fine for women, but men don't want to see more of other men's flesh. there is a silent social contract between us men, don't show me yours and i won't show you mine. who has been breaking this silent social contract en masse such that ankle socks for men have become ubiquitous?
 what is the world coming to?