Saturday, September 04, 2004

an interesting blip on the otherwise useless convergence landscape

i have no watch, i'll say that right now... i walk around day in and day out with basically no concept of what time it is and i'm happy... i don't need to know what time it is all the time, in fact it's rare that i need to know what time it is... i need to know when to wake up, when to stop working, and when to go back to bed... occasionally i need to know if it's close to the time i was intending to meet someone... in all those situations there are almost always timekeeping devices on hand that i can use instead of being shackled to my own personal moment counter... i escaped from the slavery of clock-watching years ago when my last watch broke and i haven't given serious thought of returning until i saw this...

Lacrosse Technology UV-100 Ultra-Violet (UV) Index Watch

being of the fair-skined persuasion (hey, i'm a redhead), i can definitely appreciate a gadget that allows me to gauge my risk of exposure to harmful UV rays and act accordingly... and it's built into a fairly ordinary looking digital watch... and it's not like i'm the kind of guy who goes around with all sorts of gadgets (i may like gadgets, but i also like to travel light)... wearing a gadget like that on my arm just makes sense, and isn't that what good product design is all about?

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