Wednesday, September 15, 2004

FBI document about concealed weapons

this is really a must read document (with pictures) of some very clever concealed weapons... it makes me wonder why security checks at airports aren't more involved....

concealed weapons

now, don't get me wrong - i'm not about to condone the use of weapons on planes or anything but some of those key-knives made me wonder... what on earth has ever stopped anyone from simply using regular keys as a stabbing weapon? or, come to think of it, why not a pencil/pen?... heck, just about anything could be used as a club-type weapon, and shoelaces make for a handy garrot... why do they even bother taking away our nail-clippers when metal framed glasses can be used to puncture someone's lungs or heart?

i think maybe we've past the point of diminishing returns on the banned materials front and maybe we should start looking at alternative means of dealing with people who use everyday items as weapons, because boarding white padded planes buck-naked or in straight jackets seems a little far fetched and those are the only ways of preventing all everday items capable of being used as weapons from actually getting used as weapons... we need to save out toenails... instead of banning these things, have someone on board whose trained to deal with these things...

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