Sunday, September 18, 2005

i beat Grow RPG!

woo hoo! i did it, i beat Grow RPG from EyezMaze and i did it without any cheat codes...

so what you say? ah well, i know it's not really a big deal - it's just the first time i've been able to beat any of their Grow games unassisted...

and if you've never heard of EyezMaze before, go check it out - there aren't a lot of games there but they're all good and the Grow ones especially are unlike anything else out there...

(and if you want to know what the correct sequence is, read the comments)

[edit] now that that's accomplished, i'm going to go make pancakes and eat 'til i don't feel like moving anymore...


kurt wismer said...

the sequence to win at Grow RPG is as follows
1) house/store
2) tree
3) castle
4) water
5) tower
6) rock
7) chest
8) stairs

Drunk Girl said...

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