Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i think it's time for some more demolition

and i don't just mean the walls i recently tore down in my room (cracked foundation -> water damage)... no i'm talking about a neat video that is apparently an episode of a british tv show called brainiac... i believe the thermite video i blogged about before (but whose previous link got broken) is also from that show - which really makes you wonder, what other destructive things have they done for the camera?

this one involves dropping miniscule quantities of alkali metals into a bath tub full of water... i remember my highschool chemistry teacher demonstrating both sodium and potasium reactions with water, but nothing like what happens with these more obscure metals ever happened in my highschool chemistry class (at least not while i was present)...

as always, i love me some demolition... kaboom!

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