Monday, December 19, 2005


once upon a time i had a roommate who was french... i don't mean french canadian, i mean he came from france... jean christophe crebier and he taught me all the best french words - or at least i thought so at the time...

it was quite a while ago, though, and i recently came to the realization that my memory of those words was fading (not my memory of christophe, however, that crazy french guy with his crazy french hair will be indelibly etched into my mind forever) so i decided to google up the words and lo and behold i found Cursing in

what i learned from my searching is a) i can't spell salope at all and b) christophe left some of these out... darn you christophe..

also, because of christophe i now realize that toilet paper should have been called ass paper all along...

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