Saturday, April 09, 2005

we can rebuild him, we have the technology

hmmm, power assisted ambulation... be the first cybernetic crime fighting unit on your block, without the messy "you have 20 seconds to comply" problem...

HAL 3 bionic suit

this actually reminds me of the rig that they 'used' in that tv show "Dark Angel", except this one is knobbier and more obtrusive... i think the only person who'd be able to fit their pants on overtop of one of these would be Ronald McDonald... or maybe some of those old school rappers whose names always started with "MC"...

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Chris Quirke said...

His jawline's not perfect
But that can be altered

Check out "the Associates" - it may sound poppy and New Romantic at first, but it's dark enough not to have caught on in that market ;-)

Do you remember Classix Nouveux? New Romantic, synths etc. but wilth screaming falsetto heavy metal vocals. Bizarre.