Monday, March 07, 2011

a wild commute

the wildlife i've encountered on my commute to-from work include
  • squirrels (obviously, those little tree rats are everywhere)
  • seagulls (just as obvious)
  • ducks (and ducklings in the spring)
  • woodpeckers
  • rabbits
  • raccoons
  • garter snakes
  • canada geese (they may be funny running around the parking lot at work but they're even funnier navigating the intersection at dundas and hurontario)
  • a fox (dashed by me, not 3 feet to my right as i walked home one night)
  • crows (a whole murder of them circling overhead - kinda creepy actually)

and tonight i get to add deer to the list. three of them by the little pond that the mississauga transit bus circles when picking up passengers at UofT mississauga campus. i wish i'd had a camera with me.

[2011/05/17 edited to add]
  • a pair of canada geese and their dozen or so goslings crossing the road and holding up traffic
  • a beaver (yes, i'm sure, even if the body didn't give it away, the tail is unmistakeable) gnawing on a fallen branch by the side of the cooksville creek during a rain storm