Thursday, August 26, 2004

the earth is saved!

RedNova News: Inventor Makes Car Engine that Runs Off Air

stick a hand-powered air compressor on that thing and no only do you do away with the non-renewable energy costs of feeding a compressed air car but you also help keep people in shape!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

wouldn't it be neat . . .

wouldn't it be neat if everyday normal houses were more like this?
ESA Portal - Space houses on Earth

now for something a little more thought provoking

The Morning News - Tricks of the Trade

this is interesting not just because of the tricks they discuss but also because of what those tricks say about people...

i'm so excited!

it's finally here, it's finally here... trailers for the up-coming farscape miniseries... how am i ever going to wait for it to get on tv? it's still almost 2 months away...

Farscape: The PeaceKeeper Wars

Monday, August 23, 2004

more mini-chopper vids

The Raw Feed

it's becoming like a contageon... everyone is obsessed with tiny remote control helicopters...

it's the little things

now here is a pretty good idea, and it's pretty low-tech too (and i just love good low-tech ideas - being the progessive luddite that i am)... why don't i already have one of these?

oh well... i think i'll wait until someone comes up with a device that turns non-retractable cords into retractable cords... (why did a fishing rod just pop into my head?)

SchwarzTech | Sumajin Smartwrap

this link was not brought to you by the society for the prevention of cruelty to fishies

Italbrass Moody Aquarium Washbasin

when i see this aquarium sink i think of filling the sink up with water and putting fish food in it and watching the fish try and get to it through the glass/plastic/whatever...

more inventions

well, what do you know... someone has finally invented the hoverboard....

Eddie's Big Challenge: Ground-Effect Turbulence

holy origami batman!

i like to fold paper, i make no secret about that but holy crap i wish i was as good as some of these folks...

Yahoo! News - World Photos - AP

previous convention

to suggest it or not to suggest it... that is the question...

when i saw this i immediately thought of soren's son, mads... but then it occurred to me that soren's way is actually better - let mads pound away at a real keyboard, getting real feedback from windows... why treat babies as second class computer users?

plus mads has discovered things that soren wouldn't have even thought to look for... i think mads should be put on the payroll as software tester...

baby keyboard

more star wars inspired stuff

peddle power personal submarine

i'm pretty sure i saw obe wan, qui-gon, and jarjar riding in one of these on their way to a gungan city, but i don't remember them having to peddle it...

Thursday, August 19, 2004

are remote controlled helicopters robots?

maybe they are, maybe they aren't... but they're still pretty neat, especially when they're really tiny... here's videos of 2 that have been in the news... the smaller one looks it's body is made out of a big paper clip...

small helicopter, even smaller helicopter

those poor germans!

i know some folks would actually like this - a german invention that complains when you lift the toilet seat... the idea is to stop men from peeing while standing (which is funny considering there are also inventions to allow women to do the very same thing)...

lift the toilet seat and you get berated by a machine... hmmm... either there will be a lot more guys sitting down to urinate, or there will be a lot more urine on the toilet seat... i'm guessing the latter...


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Monday, August 16, 2004

olympic cartoon

if the olympics were this entertaining, i'd definitely pay more attention to them...


pure advertizing gold

no words needed

sometimes an ad idea comes along that's so good it doesn't need words... strange then that this one isn't officially endorsed by the product's creators...


for people who had no intention of getting on their flight

get a load of this . . . mp3 player... i'm sorry that the makers chose to advertize their mp3-player-in-an-AK47-clip product using a woman in a camoflage bikini and carrying (you guessed it) an AK47 (so this is probably not safe for work), but the concept alone - i mean come on, who in their right mind thinks they'll actually be able to go anywhere with this mp3 player?

Kalashnikov in MP3

stranger than fiction

the title of the page speaks for itself... but some of the pictures have to be seen to be believed...
Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness


robots, robots, robots!

i like robots the way some kids like ninjas... that's all i can manage to verbalize at this time...


a day worth noting

anyone uninterested in the tiny details of my life, skip to the next entry...

friday, party day at andrew's place... friday the 13th part 2... part 1 was back in february or something and we all stayed indoors but not this time... big backyard bbq with all the fixings... andrew was a little anxious at first about not being better prepared when i got there but really, even when i'm late (which i was) i'm early (which i was) - by the time people really started flooding in everything was running smoothly... his co-host and one of two house-mates lisa, with her candle light idea, attention to ambiance, and somewhat shameless promotion of her friends as being 'available' ([ahem] she might not have used those precise words) seemed to be rather clearly trying to create an environment where people would be more inclined to 'hook-up'... and it seemed like ravi may have been heading in just that direction if certain [ahem] 'obstacles' hadn't gotten in the way... i, of course, did not 'hook-up', much to mariann's dismay i'm sure... dismay in the 'disappointed cheering section' sense that is - what were you thinking?... mariann was with someone (i must not ask the right questions on those rare occasions when i get to chat with her 'cause i never get the best details) and andrew was right, i would never have been able to guess who it was even with the hint that it was someone from compublox... there weren't many unmarried guys at compublox, even fewer now, and what would otherwise seem like the best bet has gone home to his beloved PEI and i can't really see him coming back...

anyways, unlike the first party where i was basically on my own surrounded by people i'd never met before a good chunk of the time (the only one there i knew was andrew and he had too many guests to hang out with me all evening, but i'm certainly not complaining - it was interesting and fun) this one had a whole bunch of my old friends, many of whom i hadn't seen in some time (9 months in minh's case) so instead of spending quality time with strangers i opted instead to spend the time catching up with my friends (who knows when i'll get a chance to again), meeting furrukh's 'partner in crime' and hearing the story of how they met, finding out minh's expecting his wife to finally arrive this wednesday and that now he's got to find a new place to live 'cause that tiny little bedroom in stan's basement is too small for 2 people (my words, not his)... i originally thought i'd make better use of my time amongst strangers, but oh well - maybe next time...

Friday, August 13, 2004

so what if it stretches and bends - they should be calling it 'shiney rubber'

the mind boggles a the volume of possibilities for a rubbery material that can conduct electricity... especially for any kind of folding electronics...

Popular Science | A Limber Future

Thursday, August 12, 2004

i knew it!

i always knew aromatherapy was all about strange smelling stuff, now i have the proof...

osCommerce - Smell My Nuts

that's right, a candle in a mason jar with a label that says "smell my nuts"... i don't think it can get any stranger than that, can it?

you killed my webcam! you bastard!

ummm, right... so there's this webcam that looks like kenny from south park...

but wait, there's more... if you don't like a webcam that looks like kenny from south park, it's got lots of outfits you can dress it up in... even a little mexican number with a miniature sombrero...

your chihuahua would be so jealous...

I4U News - Sombrero Wearing USB Webcam 352 Review

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

i can resist no longer!

i didn't want to give in, really, but i couldn't help it - it's funny and it's catchy and probably everyone in the free world (and some of the not so free parts) have seen it but i don't care... it's that good...

this land

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

hillside fall down, go boom

i don't know what it is about natural disaster videos, but i like 'em... if you hadn't guessed this is a news story (with video) of a landslide from probably one of the better perspectives - on the hillside about 100 meters from the slope that slipped...

look ma, those trees are on an escalator...


Monday, August 09, 2004


i miss fireworks... i wish we had fireworks more often... i guess i'll just have to be satisfied with things like this...

Albino Blacksheep / Games / Fireworks: JHANABI

Sunday, August 08, 2004

if you fart in the matrix, does it have a smell?

ok, i admit it... i occasionally like bathroom humour... i like spoofs even more... put them together and what do you get?

The Fartrix

Saturday, August 07, 2004

it almost makes me want to go to an art gallery

this is a computer video of a pretty neat moving sculpture... i'm not exactly the biggest appreciator of art but i like this...

Greyworld Movies

Friday, August 06, 2004

MSN Web Messenger

MSN Web Messenger

ummm... yeah... that's pretty neat - too bad it doesn't get people around those nasty firewalls that keep them from using msn in the first place...

and i can't imagine it'll stay free for long... this is microsoft, after all...

if only there were one of these in toronto

if you've taken a look at my feet, or rather my shoes, lately then you'd know i need new ones... in fact you'd probably suspect that i've needed new ones for years... shoe shopping is such a pain in the butt, though... it's really not convenient at all...

how should we, as an innovative society solve this dilemma? why with sneaker vending machines of course!

Sneaker vending machine - Engadget -

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

too funny!

don't look if you're easily offended (or if you're at work), but if that doesn't apply to you or your situation then check this out... falsies for men! (and i am potentially using the term loosely [which term?])


Monday, August 02, 2004

now that's tough

i've heard of tough vehicles before, but it's always been lipservice... they never really displayed how tough it was... until now...
the timex of trucks